How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

It’s quite amusing to see how excited our furry companions can get when they want to go for a nice stroll in the neighbourhood. When you see your dog carrying its leash and bringing it to you; visibly hoping that you’ll agree to take it for a walk, it’s hard not to crack a smile. However, some dogs can also really get used to a comfortable life indoors. Though they still see the outdoors, they may not want to be out there for too long after they “do their business,” especially when they are overweight and not used to doing much exercise.

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

-Experts recommend that you take your dog for a walk at least twice a day. The exercise can really benefit both you and your best friend, while allowing your dog to contently explore the neighborhood. Most importantly of all, it provides your pal with an outlet to burn off some excess energy. Walks can easily brighten the mood of your dog.

-Each breed may necessitate different requirements when it comes to taking them out for a walk. For example, many smaller breeds may not require as much of a walk when compared to a larger dog, such as a Dalmatian. Click here to see a varied list of breeds that require a high amount of exercise.

-If your dog is battling an illness, discuss the subject of walks with a veterinarian. In some cases, the vet may not recommend frequent walks for your fur-faced pal. Be sure to listen to the advice given by your dog’s vet.

-A walk doesn’t have to be a race- let your dog take in some of the sights and enjoy its time outdoors. You’ll find that they will be very satisfied during this outdoor stroll with their best friend.

-When the weather conditions are less than ideal; such as a rainy or snowy day, you should limit the duration of the walk.

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Does It Matter If Pet Foods Contain GMO?

A frequently discussed topic of conversation relates to the effect of genetically modified organisms, also referred to as GMOs. For those who aren’t aware, a GMO is an organism (yeast, bacteria, plants, insects, fish, mammals, etc.) that’s been changed by genetic engineering techniques. In other words, scientists artificially alter the natural DNA of these organisms. Nowadays, many people are more aware of the negative effects of genetically modified foods, and stray away from them while finding healthy alternatives. You can also find GMOs in certain pet food products- if you refuse to eat anything that contains GMOs, would you care if your dog’s food contains these modified organisms?

Does It Matter If Pet Foods Contain GMO?

-Filler, such as corn, wheat, or soy, can have some adverse affects on dogs. Corn may cause bladder inflammation, and in some cases, even epilepsy. Soy can cause dogs to have indigestion and gas, making it an unpleasant experience for both you and your best friend. In some severe instances, it can lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which can be very troublesome for your pet. High amounts of wheat in your dog’s diet may lead to them developing stones in their urinary tracts.

-At this point, we don’t know all of the long term effects related to food containing GMOs. However, some studies involving rats that only ate GMO-produced corn resulted in these rodents developing serious kidney and liver-related diseases. This occurred after a 90-day trial. We’re only beginning to scratch the surface on the topic of GMOs in our food- just remember that knowledge is power.

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Healthy Snacks For Dogs: Finding A Treat That’s Fun To Eat

It can be hard to say no to your best friend when they give you “the look.” That seemingly innocent gaze that your dog uses can really get some results- especially when they want to have a delicious treat! Unfortunately, just like humans who eat too much junk food, giving a dog too many treats will have an adverse effect on their diet. Thankfully, there’s a way that you can still provide your dog with delicious treats while maintaining their healthy diet!

Healthy Snacks For Dogs: Finding A Treat That’s Fun To Eat

Changing your dog’s habits may be a bit of a challenge. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible! By providing your fur-faced pal with a new selection of healthy treats, you can help them avoid many serious health problems. For example, certain snacks that contain omega 3 fatty acids can help prevent your dog from developing arthritis, heart disease, and kidney disease. These healthy acids can also reduce the risk of many inflammatory conditions, while improving the condition of your dog’s skin and coat.

A healthy snack should also pique the interest of your dog, which can be tough to do.

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What Chia Can Do For Your Dog

The popularity of chia seeds is becoming quite prevalent nowadays. After all, there are many reasons why people are eating these greatly beneficial seeds- this “superfood” contains essential omega 3 fatty acids, plenty of protein, and can provide you with numerous health benefits. Does this mean that we can feed our dogs chia? In this article, we’re going to look at the best options that are available for your furry friend.

What Chia Can Do For Your Dog

A team of veterinarians and nutritionists effectively developed a specialized chia option specifically tailored for dogs, and it’s getting rave reviews from both pets and owners alike. Green Bark Gummies includes NutriCHIA™ in each of their healthy snacks, which is different from your average chia offering.

This unique ingrained form of sprouted chia can do what no ordinary chia seed can do- NutriCHIA™ provides dogs with all three forms of essential omega 3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA, and ALA.) Best of all, no chemicals or artificial ingredients are involved with the development of these special chia seeds.

Chia seeds can provide your dog with essential proteins and a generous amount of fibre, along with calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, and magnesium. What’s especially great about this superfood is that it’s also low in sodium and carbs.

On top of the usual benefits associated with chia seeds, NutriCHIA™ also contains the following key ingredients:

Alaska Pollock: This fish from the northern Pacific Ocean contains plenty of protein and omega 3s.

Alfalfa: Alfalfa has plenty of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, along with a multitude of vitamins: A, B1, B6, C, D, E, and K.

Kelp: This sea vegetable can help promote thyroid and blood cell function, since it’s rich in iodine.

Green Tea: Green tea contains antioxidants that can help lower cholesterol and work as an anti-inflammatory.

Chlorophyll:  You can find chlorophyll in leafy veggies, algae, and other dark green plants. It promotes fresh breath, which can certainly help your best friend out when meeting other dogs!

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