Nutrients Vital To Pet Health

It’s hard to not feel a sense of accomplishment when we see our dogs obeying our requests. It shows us how much our furry friends respect us, while teaching them some self-discipline. The best reward that we can possibly give these beautiful creatures, besides our constant love, is a nice, tasty treat! However, not unlike human beings, it’s important to remember that dogs need a balanced diet to keep them looking and feeling healthy. At this time, we’re going to look at some of the nutrients that are vital to your pet’s health.

Nutrients Vital To Pet Health

We have listed some of the nutrients vital to your dog’s health below:

Water: This is the most crucial nutrient for your best friend. Responsible for 60-70% of an adult dog’s body weight, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to have a bowl of fresh water available for your pet at all times. A dog can suffer from some serious illnesses if it’s dehydrated- a 10% decrease of water in their bodies can offset this, while a 15% decrease can unfortunately result in death. Keep your best friend hydrated at all times!

Proteins: Proteins are very significant, since they’re essential for their growth and maintenance- after all, they’re responsible for building cells, organs, enzymes, tissues, hormones, and antibodies. When purchasing dog food for your pet, make sure that it has plenty of protein (along with well-balanced, natural ingredients.)

Fats: These provide your pet’s organs with the right amount of insulation and protection. Fat is required to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, and are an important part of their cells. There are many benefits of omega 3 for dogs, and even omega 6 fatty acids- one of them is that they can help lessen an inflammatory reaction. A lip-smacking yet healthy treat for dogs that contains all three omega 3 fatty acids (ALA, DHA, and EPA) is Green Bark Gummies.

If you’re seeking premium Chia based dog treats that are nutritious, delicious, and are devoid of any artificial flavors, colors, wheat, corn, soy, and are also non-GMO, look no further than Green Bark Gummies. Available for dogs that are both under 30 pounds (Skin & Coat and Healthy Digestion) and over 30 pounds (Hip & Joint and Skin & Coat varieties), you can learn more about these healthy dog treats at!

Tips For Bonding With Your New Puppy

So you’ve brought a new friend into the family. This friend will need a lot of your attention- you’ll need to keep an eye on him for a while, while providing him with the support that he needs, along with a nurturing touch here or there. Most importantly, your buddy will need to know that you’re there for him every step of the way. Soon enough, this friend can eventually become your best friend. However, like all great friendships, it will take a fair amount of work and patience. Fortunately, the reward is greater than the risk!

Tips For Bonding With Your New Puppy

We have listed some useful tips that can help you forge a great relationship with your new puppy:

-When using proper training techniques with your puppy, this can create a strong bond. When your new pal is learning simple commands, along with the rules of your household, you’re establishing your dominant role, which is an integral part of training.

-Provide them with some affection. When your pup is being well behaved and listening to your commands, reward them with a healthy treat, such as Green Bark Gummies. Showing your new pal that you appreciate their cooperation and attentiveness can easily forge a strong friendship!

-Play with your puppy. When showing your playful side, your furry friend will be relieved to see that you’re not just a disciplinarian, but also a companion that they’ll proudly accompany for the rest of their life.

A great way to show your best friend how much you appreciate them is by splurging on a new, unique treat that they can really enjoy while being able to compliment their diet. It has no artificial colors or flavors, doesn’t contain any wheat, corn, soy, added sugar, and is non-GMO. Green Bark Gummies come in three varieties, and are a nutritious snack that dogs actually enjoy eating! Spoil your dog by getting a delicious treat that won’t spoil its diet, and get some Green Bark Gummies today!


Dog Foods: The Coolest (Technologically-Enhanced) Ways to Feed your Dog

When it comes to dog foods and dog feeding—there are a number of elements to consider apart from just the ingredients. Your options of how you feed your dog have changed…it isn’t just putting down the typical metallic dog bowl anymore….

Dog Foods: The Coolest (Technologically-Enhanced) Ways to Feed your Dog

There are a number of dog foods and dog-feeding technologies that can truly improve how you feed your beloved, pampered pooch. These technologies include the following (which are a selection of our favourites)…

1. Ruffwear Dog Packs

While the Ruffwear Dog Packs might not seem like the highest-tech of dog-feeding devices…it does offer a sensational benefit. The Ruffwear pack offers your dog the opportunity to carry—and EARN—their food by carrying it on a high-tech rucksack on their back. You can load the device with up to 30% of the dog’s weight, a weight that allows your pooch to ‘earn their keep’ while primordially pleasing you (which is an important element to your dog’s happiness).

2. WaterDog Automatic Drinking Fountain

The WaterDog water fountain uses sonar detection to determine when your thirsty pooch comes into proximity of your drinking fountain. Once your dog enters within 3 feet of the fountain it will turn on, and provide your pooch with the fresh water they need to stay well hydrated. This technology empowers you to offer your dog fresh water, even if you aren’t available to refresh the bowl.

3. Pet Feeders
Properly managing a pet’s diet may sound cumbersome…but not if you have the right technology. All the enhancements you’ve long-wished you could offer your pet, are available with technologically-enhanced pet feeders. So, to take a techno approach to your pet-feeding strategy by buying a pet feeder that allows you to control your pet’s feeding schedule…even if you aren’t available.

4. Products

OK—so the available dog-feeding technologies are great…but—how does this fit in to your dog’s overall diet? Dog technology is great, but they should be used in combination with a varied—and exciting diet—to keep your dog interested in food. After all…how interested would you be in eating kibble 365 days a year for the rest of your life?  So, look for products that can break the boredom, like Bowser’s Dog Beer. This non-alcoholic treat is a delicious flavoured drink that offers your dog a flavour feast. Or, look for the latest and greatest (healthy) treats, like ours—Greenbark Gummies!

For more tips on dog foods and how to improve your dogs nutrition—and their life!–stay tuned to the Greenbark Gummies blog!

Dog Games to Increase Mental Acuity

You give proudly offer your dog a healthy and nutritious diet, ensure they have a long walk every day (well—a long walk almost every day, because none of us are perfect) for ample exercise—but what about their mental health from dog games?

We feed our dogs healthy diets for proper nutrition, and we give them exercise for physical health—but this isn’t enough. Consider this—even if you ate broccoli all day while running on a treadmill, you still wouldn’t be ‘fulfilled’ at the end of the day. You’d be tired—and full of fibre, but not fulfilled.

Your furry friend needs fulfillment too. They need mental exercise to accompany the physical, to stimulate their brain and offer them a break from the boredom of sitting around the house for 23+ hours a day. But, they don’t only need to break the boredom, they also need mental stimulation and exercise to stave off deteriorating health as they age, while increasing their overall mental acuity. Dogs who are regularly stimulated through dog games—on a regular basis—are also happier and have lower stress levels (yes—dogs do experience stress, just look at the quiver of chihuahuas for proof).

Dog Games and Exercises to Increase Mental Acuity

1. Hide the Treat

Use our delicious Greenbark Gummies treats for nose-stimulation games by hiding them around the house or your yard. When you begin this exercise the dog will likely need some direction to the general area they are hidden within, but as their acuity and nose become more finely-tuned they will be able to find the treats on their own without guidance.

2. Obstacle Course

If you have a big enough yard, setup an obstacle course in your backyard that will offer your dog physical exercise accompanied with mental stimulation. This combination of stimulation will encourage your dog to be ‘on the ball’, over the long-term. Obstacles can include tunnels, ramps, jumps—and can include elements like treat-finding, fetching and tricks. Vary the activities over time as your dog will become accustomed to the course.

3. Clicker Training

Using a ‘clicker’ can help you train your dog to perform certain behaviours and tricks on command. While this seems demeaning to some, know that this activity fulfills your dog’s deep-rooted desire to please you. It will also encourage them to learn the new activities they need to remain smart as a whip.

4. Classes

If the idea of sitting around with your dog teaching your old dog new tricks, or setting up an obstacle course doesn’t sound thrilling to you, then consider joining a doggy class. Some cities have dog obstacle courses available locally, while other will offer group doggy classes. These activities provide a social element to the stimulation they need. This means they will be social, activate their nose—all the while being physical and learning new behaviours.

For more dog games, doggy tricks and tips—bookmark our blog! We’re releasing new blog every week on ways to improve your dog’s diet and overall health!

Safety Tips For Your Dog This Spring

That’s right- we can actually say that we are enjoying the wonderful season of spring! After dealing with one of the harshest winters in recent memory, it’s safe to say that many of us are really appreciating this warm, beautiful season. After all, we are now able to really enjoy some of the scenic benefits located in our neighbourhoods- and we get to do that with our furry, friendly companions! However, during the spring season, it’s very important to take the proper precautions when taking your dog outdoors. At this time, we’re going to examine some important, beneficial safety tips for your dog during the spring season.

Safety Tips For Your Dog This Spring

We’ve listed some crucial safety tips that you should be aware of for your dog this spring:

-When playing at a dog-friendly park or even in your back yard, try to avoid using sticks to play with. Even though dogs love them, sticks can be a choking hazard. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play “fetch” with your furry buddy- just use other objects that are safe for your best friend, like a ball, a Frisbee, or any dog toys instead.

-Experts recommend that you keep your dog on a year-round heartworm preventative medication. Since many bugs will make their presence known during the spring, you should also make sure that your dog is taking the proper flea and tick control medications.

-Try to keep your dog away from any plants. Their effects can vary, depending on the particular plant that your dog ingests. Unfortunately, they can be toxic for your pet. If you’d like to see a list of toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs from the ASPCA’s web site, click here.

A great way to show your best friend how much you appreciate them is by splurging on a new, unique treat that they can really enjoy while being able to compliment their diet. It has no artificial colors or flavors, doesn’t contain any wheat, corn, soy, added sugar, and is non-GMO. Green Bark Gummies come in three varieties, and are a nutritious snack that dogs actually enjoy eating! Spoil your dog by getting a delicious treat that won’t spoil its diet, and get some Green Bark Gummies today!