Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Puppy

Are you considering getting a puppy? It’s an important decision for you and your family, and not something that you should be taking lightly. When you bring a puppy into your home, you need to understand that you are making a commitment that has the potential to last for a number of years. There are a number of good reasons why you should consider getting a puppy. Here are a few of the benefits welcoming a four-legged member of the family will get you.


Why You Should Consider Getting a Puppy


  • Owning a puppy will help you get regular exercise.

Your new puppy will need to go for walks on a regular basis, which means that you will be more physically active. Getting outside to get your heart rate elevated gives you several benefits, including lower risk of heart disease and stroke, improved outlook and increased ability to deal with stress.


  • Puppies act as wonderful “ice breakers” and can help you meet new friends.

Just about everyone is curious about a puppy and if you are looking for an easy way to meet new people, just go out in public with your new pet regularly. No one wants to feel isolated, and having a strong social network is an important part of your mental health.


  • They make us appreciate simple joys life has to offer.

The love that a puppy can offer you when you get home is pure and simple. The animal simply wants to be with you because he missed seeing you and wants to be with you now. You don’t have to be or do anything to prove yourself worthy of this gift; all you have to do is accept it.

Very few transactions in our completely over-scheduled world are that simple anymore. In a lot of instances, phone calls and e-mails are full of demands that we must do something to get the result that we want. In the case of a puppy, as long as we provide the necessities of life, it’s all good.


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Why Your Dog Should Have a Dog Collar and Tag

A dog collar and tag is a basic piece of identification for your dog. Since he cannot speak for himself if he should become lost, stolen, or a victim of an accident or a natural disaster, it is your best chance to be reunited with this member of your family.


Why Your Dog Should Have a Dog Collar and Tag

If your beloved companion should happen to go missing, you have no way to officially identify him as belonging to you. A pet who has been missing or become injured may have a different appearance than usual, which will make identification challenging. Your pet may be picked up by an animal rescue agency but without a collar and tag, there is no way to contact you to let you know that your dog has been located.

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The Benefits of Having a Large Backyard for your Dog

If you are fortunate enough to have a large backyard at your home, your dog will be able to benefit from this built-in playground. Please note that having a large backyard doesn’t take the place of going for regular walks; spending time in the backyard is a different type of experience for your pet than actually patrolling the neighborhood.

You’ll still need to spend time going for regular walks with your dog so that he gets the experience of walking through his territory. This urge to roam is natural and was inherited from his wild ancestor, the wolf.

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Why Your Dog Loves Walks

Your dog doesn’t just love walks; he needs to go for walks regularly. It’s more than just a matter of feeling cooped up from having cabin fever from being inside the house or needing to take a bathroom break. Dogs are driven by a force that is bigger than themselves to get out and walk, and it’s instinct.

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Showing Affection For Your Dog

You love your dog and want to show your fur baby how much you care, but did you know there is a right and a wrong way to go about showing affection for your dog? There certainly is, and if you decide to lavish affection on your pet at the wrong time, you could end up reinforcing behavior patterns that you really don’t want to see repeated over the long term.

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Should Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed?

Depending on the owner, a dog’s sleeping area can greatly vary. Some people prefer to have their dog sleep at the end of their bed, while others set up a designated bed or crate for them to sleep in when it’s time to enter “slumber land.” Many people consider it a very important bonding ritual to allow their dog to sleep on their bed at night. Should your dog sleep on your bed? In this article, we’re going to look at some of the positives and negatives of letting your dog sleep on your bed.

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Dogs And Belly Rubs: What They’re Trying To Tell You

We all know how this goes down! It starts off when you give your dog a few pats on the head. Soon afterwards, your furry friend nuzzles up against you, encouraging you to give it a few more pats. You stop what you’re doing for a few moments and pet your dog a few times when suddenly, it happens- your fuzzy pal swiftly rolls on to its back and waits for you to give it a good ol’ fashioned belly rub! It’s adorable, it’s cute, but what is your dog trying to tell you when it’s begging for a belly rub? Surprisingly, it’s more than just “pet my belly!” At this time, we’re going to look at some of the things that your dog is trying to tell you when asking for a belly rub.

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Ways To Spoil Your Dog This Summer

You love your furry friend, and you don’t care who knows about it! Your loyal companion never judges you, can provide you with comfort when you least expect it, and can be fun to watch! Since your dog spoils you with its never-ending adulation, perhaps it’s time for you to spoil it! In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways that you can spoil your dog this summer.

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Homemade Dog Treats: What You Should Know

At this time, homemade dog treats are becoming quite popular with both owners and dogs. With a wide variety to choose from, it’s easy to see why many people are purchasing homemade dog treats. However, there are many important factors that you need to consider when buying homemade treats that are ideal for your dog, such as the ingredients. At this time, we’re going to look at some helpful information on what you should know about homemade dog treats.

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Summer Fun With Your Puppy!

Whooo! Now that we’re basking in the hot and sunny summer months, there are endless opportunities to partake in some fun activities with your puppy! Since this is your puppy’s first summer, you may want to make it a memorable one- after all, it can help you establish a strong bond. In this article, we’re going to look at some ways that you can thoroughly enjoy the summer with your puppy.

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