How to Care for a Blind Dog

Dog blindness can be a difficult challenge for you as the owner to take on. But by understanding the optimal techniques for working with your dog and guiding them through the learning process, you can help your pet live in complete comfort within the home. Within this blog, we’ll outline the leading techniques for caring for a blind dog.


Help Your Dog Use its Other Senses

It’s important to keep a positive frame of mind when caring for a blind dog. Remember: sight is actually your pet’s third most important sense. As long as it has its scent and its hearing, you dog can enjoy a happy and long life. In your role as owner, you can help the dog make best use of its other senses. For example, you can use toys that contain bells and squeaky material. You should also place a unique sent on toys to help the dog track them down in the home.

Walk Your Dog through the Home on a Leash

If your dog is new to the property, it’s important they get used to the surroundings. You can help your dog acclimatize by placing them on a leash and walking them from room-to-room throughout the home. During this process, remember to reinforce good behavior with treats and provide your dog with clear information on any obstacles they must avoid. Use commands such as “watch!” alongside a small tug on the leash to let the dog know that they must be careful in the area. During this familiarization process, you might consider going down to the dog’s eye level, so you can see any potential hazards.

Help Keep the Dog Secure in the Home

Blind animals often have a greater sense of fear than other animals. And so it’s important that you try to keep your dog comfortable within the home at all times. For example, try to keep wind chimes near the door they most often use to enter and exit the home. This can help dogs orient themselves within the yard. You might also consider creating a purpose-designed dog sleeping area within the home, where your dog can find all their toys and bedding anytime they’re required. This will help the dog establish their own routine and ensure they find happiness and comfort around the home.


By reviewing your responsibilities as a caregiver to your blind pup, you can help ensure their safety, comfort and happiness within the home. To learn more on caring for blind dogs, contact our trusted experts directly.