Dog Foods: The Coolest (Technologically-Enhanced) Ways to Feed your Dog

When it comes to dog foods and dog feeding—there are a number of elements to consider apart from just the ingredients. Your options of how you feed your dog have changed…it isn’t just putting down the typical metallic dog bowl anymore….

Dog Foods: The Coolest (Technologically-Enhanced) Ways to Feed your Dog

There are a number of dog foods and dog-feeding technologies that can truly improve how you feed your beloved, pampered pooch. These technologies include the following (which are a selection of our favourites)…

1. Ruffwear Dog Packs

While the Ruffwear Dog Packs might not seem like the highest-tech of dog-feeding devices…it does offer a sensational benefit. The Ruffwear pack offers your dog the opportunity to carry—and EARN—their food by carrying it on a high-tech rucksack on their back. You can load the device with up to 30% of the dog’s weight, a weight that allows your pooch to ‘earn their keep’ while primordially pleasing you (which is an important element to your dog’s happiness).

2. WaterDog Automatic Drinking Fountain

The WaterDog water fountain uses sonar detection to determine when your thirsty pooch comes into proximity of your drinking fountain. Once your dog enters within 3 feet of the fountain it will turn on, and provide your pooch with the fresh water they need to stay well hydrated. This technology empowers you to offer your dog fresh water, even if you aren’t available to refresh the bowl.

3. Pet Feeders
Properly managing a pet’s diet may sound cumbersome…but not if you have the right technology. All the enhancements you’ve long-wished you could offer your pet, are available with technologically-enhanced pet feeders. So, to take a techno approach to your pet-feeding strategy by buying a pet feeder that allows you to control your pet’s feeding schedule…even if you aren’t available.

4. Products

OK—so the available dog-feeding technologies are great…but—how does this fit in to your dog’s overall diet? Dog technology is great, but they should be used in combination with a varied—and exciting diet—to keep your dog interested in food. After all…how interested would you be in eating kibble 365 days a year for the rest of your life?  So, look for products that can break the boredom, like Bowser’s Dog Beer. This non-alcoholic treat is a delicious flavoured drink that offers your dog a flavour feast. Or, look for the latest and greatest (healthy) treats, like ours—Greenbark Gummies!

For more tips on dog foods and how to improve your dogs nutrition—and their life!–stay tuned to the Greenbark Gummies blog!

Dog Tips: PETA’s New Online Thrift Store—Shop with a Conscience

Here at Greenbark Gummies we strive to offer you dog tips that help you be a responsible, happy dog owner—with a conscience. Our dog tips this week revolve around checking out PETA’s new online thrift store—WebThriftStore (link: If you aren’t aware of PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, these valiant animal soldiers work tirelessly towards saving animals from human-imposed cruelty and torture. Of course, our cherished customers are huge proponents of their work in animal rights (because animals—of course—have rights!!!), and we as a community have a deep love and appreciation for animals.

None of us ever want to see an animal in distress…which is why we LOVE this new concept from PETA…but this doesn’t happen in bubble. PETA needs our support.

PETA’s wonderful new store lets you put all your excess clothes, accessories, furniture and children’s toys shopping to a wonderful cause—the protection of beautiful, defenceless animals (because not all animals are as blessed as our pampered pooches). The beauty of this new fundraising effort is that it allows you to raise money for a good cause—with the purchases you’ll be making anyways.

But wait—there’s more! PETA doesn’t just want the power of your well-intentioned purchases—it also wants you to shed unwanted, lightly-used items by donating them to the cause! PETA’s WebThriftStore is always in need of donated items, especially clothing, electronics (have an old cellphone?), household items and more. So—let’s all get to some ahead-of-the-curve spring cleaning and dig out a few things that are cluttering our homes…and donate them to a cause that is near and dear to us all.

“PETA’s members and supporters are very passionate about our mission, and many will jump at the opportunity to support us by donating their excess stuff, while de-cluttering their homes at the same time,” says Michelle Cehn, Community Fundraising Manager at PETA. Doug Krugman, CEO of WebThriftStore echos PETA’s enthusiasm for PETA’s effort when he says that “to partner with [WebThriftStore] such a substantial global brand reinforces the significance of our platform as a complementary way for raising money and not having to ask supporters for more cash.”

Dog Tips: Our PETA Store Conclusion

We here at Greenbark Gummies strongly encourage all our beloved clientele to consider making your online purchases with PETA’s WebThriftStore, and to donate any unneeded items. After all—they will put your hard-earned money to better use than Ebay…who’s CEO, Pierre Omidyar, is already a MULTI billionaire. So, our dog tips from this week is to allow animals to prosper and be happy….by supporting PETA’s noble mission.

If you accept this animal-loving challenge and make a purchase or donation—PLEASE let us know about it by commenting on this blog post, sending us a quick email or by proudly announcing it on our social networking pages!

Dog Beds: How to Make a Top-Notch Dog Bed

DIY dog beds are a phenomenal way to get a swanky and comfy new bed for your dog, without breaking the bank. It is also the best way to get a pad for your pooch that matches your interior design.

If you’re thinking that DIY dog beds is a great concept but would be difficult to execute—think again! The truth is, anybody with a slightly crafty eye, scissors, a sewing kit and a little time can do it. The process is as easy as…

DIY Dog Beds: A How-To
We said this was easy, and it is because this set of DIY instructions is super-simplified, and offers a step-by-step process…

Step 1: Stuffing
Depending on how truly craft—and messy—you want to get, your first step is to decide on the filling you want to use. Your options are cotton batting, existing pillows, micro beads, feathers and/or memory foam. Some fillers are cheaper than others, some comfier—and some messier to work with. We highly recommend using existing pillows as it cuts down on the difficulty of these DIY dog beds considerably. When opting for pillows you can select ones with the filler of your choice, if you don’t have any laying around.


Step 2: Filler Encasing
If you didn’t opt for pillows then you will need to sew an encasing for your filling. If you went with pillows then this step is already done for you.

Step 3: Cover
The next step is to create the cover. For this, you need to measure the diameter and width of your pillows/encased stuffing—then add at least 8 inches of additional fabric to the edges, for (errors in) cutting and sewing. Once you know how wide a swath of fabric you need to cover your pillows you can head to the fabric store and pick out a pattern to matches your decor perfectly.

Step 4: Sewing
Now that you have the pillows and the fabric you need, the next step is to sew it in a two-side-pocket, envelope pattern that has an opening in the middle to insert the pillows or stuffing. You do this by pinning the edges and then sewing them with a sewing machine or by hand. Note, that where the fabric meets in the middle you’ll need an overlap in fabric, by at least 5 inches, to provide the extra space to insert the pillow, and to keep it in place. Using this envelope pattern will give you the ability to wash the cover and the pillow separately—and without adding a difficult sewing task like a zipper (which isn’t comfy for your pooch anyways!).

Step 5: Finish
All that is left to do now is insert the pillow, and add any decorative embellishments. To give your dog bed an entirely different look you can add decorative elements, like putting it in a decorative (and stationary!) low-to-the-floor wagon, a decorative drawer  or old-school suitcase to place the pillow in, a fancy basket or on a spruced-up fruit crate or skid (a coat of dark stain on a discarded crate or skid looks gorgeous).

For more pet-friendly advice for your pooch, including must-have food ingredients, new doggy accessories and other dog-owner information—follow our blog. And, of course, for the healthiest, chia-filled dog treats that your dog will spin in circles for—pick up a package of our Greenbark Gummies.

Pet Supplies: 3 Things your Dog Will LOVE

Whether it’s your dog’s birthday, they just graduated obedience school—or it’s Tuesday, your furry little best friend deserves the pet supplies that will keep him or her fulfilled, and entertained.

To help you decide what Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, other gift or other pet supplies to give your pup this year we’ve come up with a list of some of the top favourites, adored by dogs near and far…

The Top 3 Pet Supplies your Dog Will LOVE

1. P.L.A.Y. Snuggle Bed

The snuggle bed is a luscious combination of a soft doggy bed, with a thick velour roll-up top that acts as a snuggle area for your pet. Whether you use it rolled-down into a thick and über-comfy dog bed, or leave the top unrolled as a cozy sack for your dog to nuzzle in—they’ll adore this warm bed on chilly winter nights. Think of it as a 60’s-era convertible bean bag chair for your pup with added fluff, comfort and warmth.

The P.L.A.Y Snuggle Beds are quite affordable when compared with similar-quality standard dog beds, at just $55. You may even be able to score a discount in the future on a second-hand snuggle bed—if any pup is willing to part with theirs!


2. The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

On the other end of the weather spectrum comes a sensational products for dogs who easily overheat during warmer weather. This especially applies to large dogs and/or over-weight dogs and/or dogs with heat-related breathing issues (like pugs and other snub-nosed dogs). To help keep your pooch cool—and frolicking—during the warm months, pick up a Ruffwear Swamp Cooler, a cooling coat you can soak in water (that also reflects sun rays) to help maintain a lower core body temperature. With a Swamp Cooler your dog will be able to rid themselves of the energy they need to burn year-round, without overheating.

3. The Chuckit

Speaking of energy. To help your dog stay in tip-top shape—by burning the energy they need to burn—on the short stints out of the house that they get (after all, half an hour out of 24 hours in a day for a walk isn’t much!), buy them a Chuckit. This oldie-but-a-goodie dog accessory will help you launch a tennis ball significantly further, which gives your dog much-needed exercise—without tiring you out after a hard day of work.

4. Greenbark Gummies

No list of dog favourites would be complete without some type of treat, so we added our own healthy-but-delicious doggy treats—Greenbark Gummies. These guilt-free dog snacks are as delicious as they are nutritious with ingredients like the ancient superfood Chia, Alaskan pollock, alfalfa, kelp green tea and chlorophyll.

From staying warm and comfy to staying cool to getting the exercise and nutrition they desperately need, your dog will love the above four must-have pet supplies.