How to Care for a Pregnant Dog

For your pregnant dog to be comfortable and complete the pregnancy process in a healthy condition, you must understand the expert care techniques. There are significant elements involved in caring for a pregnant dog that some owners may not even consider. And so within this blog, we’ll provide guidelines on caring for a dog during pregnancy.


Ensure Your Dog Gets Plenty of Rest

Pregnancy can be a tiring process for your beloved pet, and so it’s important you allow them as much time as possible to sleep and regain their strength.

Commit to Required Vet Appointments during the Pregnancy

Because of the physiological changes your dog goes through during pregnancy, it’s important they see your local vet on a regular basis for check-ups. These appointments can help highlight and treat issues that may otherwise cause complications during and after birth.

Brush Fur and Clean Your Dogs Eyes Twice Weekly

The dog’s fur can be a breeding ground for parasites that cause infection. To prevent possible parasitic infections, brush your dog twice weekly. Cleaning the dog’s eyes with water after brushing is also a great way to minimize potential infections during pregnancy.

Ensure Optimal Nutrition

Nutritional is a critical element to successful pregnancies for dogs and so you must work closely with your vet to craft a special dietary regimen for your pregnant dog. For the first six weeks of pregnancy, give your dog their normal amount of food. And then slowly increase their amount of food during the final three weeks of the pregnancy. This helps ensure the dog retains their ideal caloric intake for their body and the bodies of their growing puppies.

Only use Vet-Recommended Supplements

Many pet owners feel it’s important to provide their pup with calcium as they go through pregnancy. However, calcium and other supplements can cause imbalance within their hormones, potentially impacting their ability to produce safe milk after they give birth. Listen closely to your vet’s suggestions and only give your dog supplements that the vet has recommended.


Careful creation of your dog care regimen can help ensure your pregnant pet is well cared for and safe throughout the experience. Speak with our specialist team directly to learn more on expert care techniques.